Diffusion The Voice Belgique: Mardi 30.01.2018. Youhouuu!

J'ai finalement succombé à la tentation et aurai le plaisir de participer à The Voice Belgique.
Si le coeur vous en dit, vous pourrez voir ma tête dans votre salon mardi prochain!!

La question est : BUZZ OU PAS BUZZ??

Merci à la douce Lara Herbinia, pour la photo

Ps: ceci n'est pas un gag
Ps2: trop hâte de partager ça avec vous!

Amigos y familia chilena y en Latino America: voy a cantar en The Voice la semana proxima (martes) 
Si quieren seguir, hay que descargar un VPN y ir al sitio web Auvio (rtbf) Hora chilena: 16h25

Friends around the world: I'm doing this! If you want to see the show next tuesday, you need to download a VPN > Auvio Rtbf.


Hey everybody!

I owe you some news since my latest news from January 2017. Already half a year has passed with plenty of musical activities for me. 

This last year, I continued to learn a lot thanks to amazing belgian musicians (Philippe LaloyMarie-Sophie TalbotGuillaume ViersetOlivier Colette, Fabrice Pillet, Toine Thys) and I can announce you quite a Big news: I have been accepted at the Brussels Conservatory in Jazz singing. I am very happy and excited to attend Pete Churchil class and of course all the others.

During this year I had a lot of private concerts and I had also some performances in public events for companies and organizations. All these different concerts have given me the opportunity to enlarge my repertoire and style of music (Jazz, pop, soul, latin, brasilian, chanson française...)

I had the chance to perform several times as a duo with Renaud Crols, a wonderfull pianist, including in the beautiful Archiduc. We also played with Renaud Dardenne on Guitar and Renaud Crols on violin.

Thanks to Georges Verhumst Modern Jazz Group, I also had the chance to sing next to Bruno CastelluciMargaux Vranken, Fil Caporali & Pierre Spataro.

I am also working on a trio with an amazing guitarist player from Madagascar; Joel Rabesolo and a young talent Guillaume Malempré, both studying at Brussels Conservatory. 

The Funky band What the Funk continues also. We had a participation in the Festival Warocquéand Musique sur senne. Our next concert will be in Central bar, in Profondeville, the 23th of September. 

I also began to sing in a Disco Band: Disco Party Show! Next to Natacha Wuyts or Christophe Pons, It's very fun!

Last but not least, I'll sing with a Jazz Big Band: The Blue Train Big Band the 21 of october! I'm very excited about it! Infos will come soon.

I am also working on projects with own compositions and I will let you know how it goes...

I let you with a little home-made video I made with the recording of Miss Celie's Blues and photos taken during my journey in New-York, 2 years ago. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Thelonious lugar de Jazz - Santiago de Chile - Marylène Corro & Bangar Manouche - Credit: Gian Franco Costa

Hola Amigos!!

I wish everyone a wonderfull new year from Chile!
I came down here to see my family and end up singing a lot!

I couldn't be more happy and grateful for this last year & the way the new one begins.

I had the GREAT opportunity to sing in amazing @Thelonious Lugar de Jazz Club with Bangar Manouche, a chilean trio I met last year in Festival Django Argentina, where I was invited to sing by Ricardo Pellican

I was also invited to sing three times @Club de Jazz de Santiago. Two times by the great trio of the virtuose Gabriel Feller and another time by the very energetic modern jazz quintet Deep Orange. A good video from this last gig here.

I'm heading to Argentina next week where I will sing with one of my mentor: Ricardo Pellican and his trio in La dama de Bollini, this historical café-concert where we first met last year. I'm looking forward to go back to Buenos aires and sing with him again!


Hello everybody!

Time to give you some news! 

Four months now that I'm back in my home sweet home. 
Get to nomad life to stable life after more than a year is certainely a big change. But so far, it's been good to me. It is true that I do miss travelling but I was looking forward to be able to build long term projects.

That's what I'm busy for. I decided not to begin other music studies again but to improve by myself taking some classes I needed. I have some incredible teachers on my side and more time to work on devellop my musical skills. I also work on different projects with musicians and trying to write my own music.

I'm back as a singer with my funky boys in "What the funk?!", band that I founded with my Saxofonist friend Max Denis in 2012. We are 8 musicians and 8 friends. I have so much fun with these guys! There are very talented musicians and I love the music we play. Maceo Parker, Prince, James Brown, Tower of Power, and some other juicy grooves!
We'll play this Saturday 5 november at awesome Jyva'zikFestival. Funny story is that I played with my first Rock band "Hedonism" in the second edition of this festival in 2009! I've learned a lot since then..

In another style of music, I will also share a home concert the 26th of november with two amazing musicians from the jazz manouche and world music belgian scene: Renaud Dardenne & Renaud Crols. I heard them both playing with "Les violons de Bruxelles" band (With the master Tcha Limberger) and really fell in love with their playing. I look forward to sing by they side.

I'm also busy at singing in private events. It help me to extend my repertoire to the wishes of the people that contract me. 
Finally I am working on own compositions and starting to familiarize with recording programs. That is of course much more challenging, but working hard, and with good input of various teachers and friends I think I can get there. 

If you'd like to be informed by my news and coming gigs, don't hesitate to like and share my facebook page :-) Thank you! 


Hello Brussels!

Hey dear friends !! It's been a while... 

After all these exotic adventures, I'm finally BACK IN BELGIUM!
Happy to be here, full of positive energy to work on new musical projects!

The last few months were pretty intense. After staying with my family in Chile, I settled 3 months in Buenos Aires. In that artistically/ crazy/ booming city I had the chance to meet wonderfull people!

First of all, I studied with Martha Millán the popular Argentinian music (tango and folklore). I love, love, love argentinian folklore! With Leticia Caramelli (this woman knows the body like nobody!!), I studied intensive vocal technique. I also attended a Brazilian music workshop with Mariana Grisiglione and Cassia Pereira. Beside that, I worked on compositions with the talented Argentinian songwriter Florencia Ruiz, a beautiful woman who was a big support.

I also had the chance to meet a new friend. The magnificent Ricardo Pellican, one of the most influent Argentinian guitarist of jazz Manouche. He invited me to perform at the "Festival International Django Argentina", of which he is the founder and organiser, and at a concert of his trio in "La dama de bollini", a historical live music venue of Buenos Aires. I was so happy to sing with his trio and to share such nice moments. 

Then, Belgium summer was calling me : I attended intensive jazz workshops (AKDT and Jazzcursus Dworp) with well-known musicians of the Belgian jazz scene such as Barbara Wiernieck, Laurence SatielIgor GehenotAlain Pierre, Maarten Weyler, and foreign musicians: Serge Lazarevitch (France), John Baboian (Berklee College of music), Justin Binek (UCT Texas) and Kristen Cornwell (Australia). Both workshops were amazing for the music and for the atmosphere! I am now back with "What the Funk!" and I am working on new projects and musical collaborations.

Check out a NEW VIDEO from the last Workshop :-)

Thanks for reading me!
Stay tuned :)


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