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9 Aug 2016
Festival International Django Argentina 2016 con Ricardo Pellican
Festival International Django Argentina 2016 con Ricardo Pellican

Hey dear friends !! It's been a while... 

After all these exotic adventures, I'm finally BACK IN BELGIUM!
Happy to be here, full of positive energy to work on new musical projects!

The last few months were pretty intense. After staying with my family in Chile, I settled 3 months in Buenos Aires. In that artistically/ crazy/ booming city I had the chance to meet wonderfull people!

First of all, I studied with Martha Millán the popular Argentinian music (tango and folklore). I love, love, love argentinian folklore! With Leticia Caramelli (this woman knows the body like nobody!!), I studied intensive vocal technique. I also attended a Brazilian music workshop with Mariana Grisiglione and Cassia Pereira. Beside that, I worked on compositions with the talented Argentinian songwriter Florencia Ruiz, a beautiful woman who was a big support.

I also had the chance to meet a new friend. The magnificent Ricardo Pellican, one of the most influent Argentinian guitarist of jazz Manouche. He invited me to perform at the "Festival International Django Argentina", of which he is the founder and organiser, and at a concert of his trio in "La dama de bollini", a historical live music venue of Buenos Aires. I was so happy to sing with his trio and to share such nice moments. 

Then, Belgium summer was calling me : I attended intensive jazz workshops (AKDT and Jazzcursus Dworp) with well-known musicians of the Belgian jazz scene such as Barbara Wiernieck, Laurence SatielIgor GehenotAlain Pierre, Maarten Weyler, and foreign musicians: Serge Lazarevitch (France), John Baboian (Berklee College of music), Justin Binek (UCT Texas) and Kristen Cornwell (Australia). Both workshops were amazing for the music and for the atmosphere! I am now back with "What the Funk!" and I am working on new projects and musical collaborations.

Check out a NEW VIDEO from the last Workshop :-)

Thanks for reading me!
Stay tuned :)


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18 Apr 2019
Festival Internacional Django Argentina 2016
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28 Jan 2016
Sunset in Santiago
Sunset in Santiago

Hola a todos!

First of all, I wish everyone a very happy 2016, full of love, joy and music!In these dark times, that's what we need more. 

My year begun very well, in Santiago de Chile surrounded by my family after 7 months of travelling. I HAVE to tell you about this big journey, who made me learn so much and take big décisions! 

After almost two months discovering the beautiful nature of Canada with very good friends or alone and the nice MONTREAL with its jazz festival, I arrived in NEW YORK.I was blown away by this incrediblecity. The music was everywhere and the need to sing was more and more present. As I did'nt know any musician there, I began to go every single night to an open mic or a jazz jam session. 
I had the opportunity to sing in mythical venues: Sugar bar, founded byAshford&Simpson, Williamsburg Music Center owned by Gerry Eastman, Smalls Jazz Club, Fat Cat Jazz Club, Cleopatra's Needle, Jalopy Theatre, Bar Chords, Mezzrow Jazz Club & Arturo's. It was a beautiful challenge and I learned so much with all thetalented musicians I met every night. Valerie Gamache, my lovely housemate who works in the music industry, was a great support.So I decided to stay all the summer and attended workshops with the pianist Barry Harris or with Rick Mc Laine in Smalls JazzClub. The chance was also given to record six songs with an amazing doublebassist and friend, Ray Parker. I even went to a free Stevie Wonder concert in Central Park!!(Don't hate me!) It was like a dream and that's probably the moment I decided that I wanted to dedicate most of my time to music. 

After 2 month in this dreamy music bubble, the journey had to continue. I headed to CHICAGO and its totally amazing (and free) jazz festival. My dear friend Amina, that I've known in Ny, hosted me like a queen and showed methe best blues and jazz spots in the city. 

As I was not done with the jazz, the train brought me all the way down to NEW ORLEANS.The dream was not over! This city has no music limits. What a soul! Most of my time was spent in Frenchment's street, listening and learning forall this talent.The authentic and old "Preservation Hall" with its genious musicians, the "Rebirth Brass Band" at Maple Leaf cafe, the Spotted Cat music Club,...and all the streets musicians will stay in my memory. 

Then, I arrived in NASHVILLE, where I was hosted by my very good friends Emily&Martin, living there since 3years. Also music lovers, we went together to Bluesy MEMPHIS and party in a typical "Dive Bar".Back to Nashville, I could enjoy and discover nice Country and Bluegrass music. 

After all these wonderfull music discoveries, I spent three wonderfull weeks camping in the WESTERN of the country with one of my favorite person in the world: my mam. 

The 3 month visa clock (good, otherwise I could stay a year in this amazing country) made me running to a totally different world. I arrived in COLOMBIA the 9 of october.My interest for latin music was already big. Colombia beat my expectations.Cumbia, salsa (& the amazing dancers with it), son cubano, champeta, porro with his gaitas, vallenato,... So many styles that I probably need a life time living there to learn it! I met wonderfull musicians friends to help meand had an intensive class with the best teacher ever: the colombian singer Mirabay Montoya Gómez who gave me advices that will worth for all my life.

After almost 2 months in this beautiful country, I travelled in the stunning nature of PERU before arriving in my second home: CHILE. I visited San Pedro de Atacama & La Serena on my way to Santiago,where I decided to stay for two month. I attended a very interesting  intensive workshop in "Escuela Moderna música y Danza" about Dalcroze rhythmic (from Switzerland) or in other words how to learn music trough the rhythmic and the movement of your body. I recommend to any musician!

Next step: travelling in ARGENTINA and stay in Buenos Aires for a little while... 

Thanks for reading me, see you soon!

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22 Oct 2015

Hey visitor! Welcome! I'm really glad to present you my brand new website!

Thank you so much to check it out!

I'm currently travelling in Colombia (or paradise, quite the same!)

I'll give some news of my adventures over here...if you're interested :)

Hasta pronto!


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